Logging on to web mail.

  1. Once you have reached this page - click here.  (Please read 2 & 3 before clicking link).

  2. Once your on the other page, type in your complete email address as the login.
  3. Type in your personal password and click "Login"
  4. To Skip this page, bookmark http://www.gogetemail.com:2095. This is the actual URL of the login page.
Retrieving your email and attachments.
  1. On this page you have several options at the top of the screen (“Menu”, “View Mail”, “Compose”, “Search”, “Help”, and “Log Off”.
  2. Below you have still more options (“In Box”, “Sent”, “Deleted”, “Draft”, and “Spam”).
  3. From the menu screen you can get (access) your email by clicking on the “In box”.
  4. The “In box” page will display ten email messages at a time. You can go to (navigate) other “In box” pages if you have more than ten emails to read.
  1. Email messages that have attachments will have links on them. To access the attachment you click on the link.
  2. After clicking on the attachment link you will be given the option to download the attachment and save it to your local computer or not.
  3. When you are viewing your email you have still more options (“Forward”, “Reply”, Reply all”, and “Delete”).
Email Composition Page
  1. From the Menu page click on “Compose”. This is where you will type your actual email message (this is called the “Email Composition Page”).
  2. On the Email Composition Page you will need to enter the email address of the recipient, the subject, and your message.
  3. On the composition page you can also attach files to your emails.
  4. To attach a file, click on “Browse” at the bottom of the Email Composition Page and find the file you would like to attach.
  5. Next, click “Attach”. This may take several seconds and up to a minute depending on the size of the file you are trying to attach.
  6. After you have composed your email, just click on the “Send” button and your email will be on its way.